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  • How UberEats Works with Restaurants

    Hungry people will be loyal to the delivery app that gets them their food fastest, period. UberEats touts algorithms, analytics, and a little bit of the human touch in its work with restaurants.

  • Brooklyn's Ample Hills Wants to Be the Next Ben & Jerry’s (And It's on Its Way)

    When you have a vision to take your business to the next level, it doesn't hurt to be able to model it after one of the biggest successes in the industry.

  • Restaurant Chains Are in a Digital Arms Race and Facebook, Amazon and Apps Are Weapons

    There's a feeling here that restaurants are trying just anything in hopes of hitting on the right consumer habits. That's not terrible as long as the chains acknowledge that they'll need to continue experimenting for quite some time.

  • Restaurant Jobs Are Increasing, Why Is That Bad?

    This edition of the Chefs+Tech newsletter was sent on 8/14/2017. Subscribe to get the latest in your inbox.  Restaurant Jobs Are Increasing, Why Is That Bad? Food service jobs are growing, which on the surface feels like good news for the economy. But as a piece in The Atlantic points out, restaurant jobs are growing faster than any other sector, and they often pay far less than the manufacturing jobs that previously made up the fast-growing portions of the country’s economy. “The U.S. still makes stuff, but mostly it serves stuff,” writes the author. And it’s true, restaurants are booming. More than...

  • NYC's Restaurant Week Is Getting a Cheetos-Themed Pop-Up

    I know it's just a marketing stunt but I still have lots of questions.

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