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  • Domino's Reports Profit, But Overseas Sales Drop

    ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Domino's Pizza reported Tuesday that its profit jumped 33 percent in its second quarter as more people ordered its pies, but the pizza chain was hit by a slowdown in sales overseas. Shares of Domino's Pizza Inc. tumbled more than 8 percent Tuesday. Domino's international sales rose 2.6 percent at established stores during the quarter that ended June 18, falling short of the 5.1 percent rise analysts had expected, according to FactSet. It was also far less that the 7.1 percent increase Domino's reported in the same period a year ago. Domino's CEO J. Patrick...

  • Drinks, Burgers, and Digital Ordering Bring People Back to McDonald's

    McDonald's had a stronger-than-expected quarter thanks to big changes at the fast food giant. Could this be the big turnaround they were hoping for?

  • The Real Competition Among Restaurants Is for People's Time, Says Danny Meyer

    This edition of the Chefs+Tech newsletter was sent on July 24, 2017. Subscribe to get the latest in your inbox. The Real Competition Among Restaurants Is for People's Time The biggest challenge facing restaurants isn’t rent or margins or tipping or marketing: it’s competing for customers’ time, according to restaurateur Danny Meyer. Speaking to CNBC, he says, “It's not that there are so many restaurants that you are competing against. I think you're competing for people's time." In a short clip accompanying the article, the CNBC host says that restaurants have to compete with the price of food and meal...

  • New York City, Where the Rent's Too High for Fine Dining

    "Food desert" isn't the right term to describe a neighborhood without a fine-dining option, but when the rent's too high for restaurants, the neighborhood changes.

  • McDonald's Adds a Sweet Afternoon Menu to Capture the Snacking Crowd

    Given all the work McDonald's has done to distance itself from foods dubbed unhealthy, introducing calorie-laden afternoon snacks seems off-message. Whatever it takes to keep the drive-thru full, I guess?

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